You Can't Beat Me If I'm Not Playing (B​-​Sides)

by The Keys



These are two bonus tracks for The Keys' 8th full-length album "You Can't Beat Me If I'm Not Playing", which was recorded in the Winter of 2013 in Wales and released by Another Record on September, 29th 2014.


released September 29, 2014

Boris "Boz" Paillard : Lead Vocals, Classical Guitar, Backing Vocals, Alto Saxs, Percussions (Wooden Table, Cabasa)
Jamie "Jambon" Williams : Drums, Percussions
Robyn "Raw-Bean" Griffiths : Electric Bass, Percussions (Coke Bottle)
Andrew "Bad-Ass" Barker : Lapsteel Guitar
Odran "Rodan" Trümmel : Bongos, Shakers

Lewis "Majik" John, M.A.D Studios : Recording Engineer (Swansea, Wales, UK)
Edouard "Ed" Dumoulin : Mixing Engineer (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Carl "Big C" Saff : Mastering Engineer (Chicago, Illinois, USA)



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The Keys France

Born and raised in several France locations, Boris Paillard a.k.a The Keys has found a new home on stage, winning audiences across Europe and America with raw talent and ample doses of charm.

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Track Name: Come To Think Of It
now that I gave back the love that I owed you
will you let me go home ? will you call it a truce ?
oh, it’s all same old and it’s same old new
that’s what romances do, they run out of juice

before you can show, you must observe a little
before you get to solo, you play second fiddle
but there can only be one driver to the vehicle
and meeting you has been messing my schedule

are you…tryin’ to…figure out…how far I’ll bend…before I break ?
Track Name: Old Sweat
these days I could settle with an average love
but I scare women away as if I was a perv’
the rain rifles on the roof and sounds like an applause
a praise for a victory that I do not deserve

somehow these mundane events entertain me enough
to not fall asleep at the wheel of my life
oh, I long for the amazon who shall call my bluff
with eyes like planets and fingers like knives

who said that we all have a dream in common
daily I wake up in sweat with nightmares of my own
but my boss likes to say that I had it coming
with all that time spent working on a poem

I’m left to wonder if I can do better than others
and better than the other me that I used to be
in the Us of A (in the United K), people call each other brothers
as fake as it sounds, it feels good to me