You Can't Beat Me If I'm Not Playing

by The Keys



"You Can't Beat Me If I'm Not Playing" was created and captured in South Wales in the Winter of 2013, mostly in the hidden Rookpie studio in the Gower Peninsula, and some bits and bobs at M.A.D Studios in Swansea.

As always for "The Keys", the whole process was an open musical invitation: Welsh strangers met online or elsewhere around town were invited to learn, practice and record the songs. French friends also contributed to this collaborative project from the distance, making the album a patchwork of various musical inputs, coordinated by the songwriter/producer.

All songs were written, composed, arranged and produced by Boris Paillard.


released September 29, 2014


Boris Paillard: Lead Vocals, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Alto Sax, Psaltery, Mandolin, Ukulele, Accordion, Backing Vocals, Percussions, Jew's Harp, Melodica
Robyn Griffiths: Electric Bass, Percussions, Backing Vocals
Jamie Williams: Drums, Percussions, Backing Vocals
Karen Lowes, Emily Brannigan & Talia Post: Backing Vocals
Odran Trümmel: Electric Guitar, Percussions, Backing Vocals
Sammy Decoster: Electric Guitar
Andy Lévêque: Alto Sax
Sally Greenwell: Viola
Robert Strafford: Lapsteel, Dobro
Talia Post & Jamie Nemeth: Violins
Jack Jowers: Trumpet
Mark Dawson: Tenor Sax
Arwel John: Tenor Trombone
Stuart Metcalfe: Tenor Trombone
Peter Cullen: Upright Bass


Richard "Willis" Williams, Rookpie Studios : Recording Engineer (Oldwalls, Wales, UK)
Lewis "Majik" John, M.A.D. Studios: Recording Engineer for the bonus tracks and some parts of the main tracks and Assitant Editing Engineer for all tracks (Swansea, Wales, U.K.)

William "Bill" Moriarty : Mixing Engineer for the album (Philadelphia, USA)
Edouard "Ed" Dumoulin : Mixing Engineer for the two bonus tracks (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Carl Saff : Mastering Engineer (Chicago, USA)



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The Keys France

Born and raised in several France locations, Boris Paillard a.k.a The Keys has found a new home on stage, winning audiences across Europe and America with raw talent and ample doses of charm.

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Track Name: More Often Than Not
everybody plays by the twisted rules
and I know that no laws, principles or speeches
will turn packed prisons into public schools
to feed bondfires, we’ve been burning our bridges

marked-down prices on the walls are supposed to make my mouth water
but i can’t recall a deal that was better than the free light and air and clear water to share

everyone does it by the empty book
that clowns stick in your hand when you rush in the subway
and daily my desperate neighbours are begging for a look
but see, I’m too concerned with my very own display

discounted products in the malls are supposed to make me go wild
but I still have the needs of a child : a roof above my head and enough to be fed

I bought a cellphone, and I bought a TV, and then a computer, I own it all
oh, I feel so lonely, but I have 300 friends, so how can it be ? where’d I go wrong ?