Years Are Made Of Seconds

by The Keys

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released January 1, 2009

All songs written, composed & produced by Boris Paillard

Recorded & mixed by Julien Rocchia
between the spring and fall of 2008

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at peerless mastering, Boston, Ma
Assistant engineer ☆ Maria Rice

Boris Paillard ☆ vocals, guitars, harmonica, saxophone

Charlotte Cornfield ☆ drums
Joseph Cornfield ☆ bass
Renaud Delebassee ☆ piano
Talia Post ☆ violin
Yves Paillard ☆ accordion
Fabrice Bihain ☆ percussions, flutes
The Countryside Choir ☆ Sven Bétoin, Rachel Chaix, Fabienne Cros, Bernard Delsuc, Françoise Ducamin, Véronique Fontaine, Régine Gineste, Catherine Prax, Marie-Hélène Vallet-Paillard



all rights reserved


The Keys France

Born and raised in several France locations, Boris Paillard a.k.a The Keys has found a new home on stage, winning audiences across Europe and America with raw talent and ample doses of charm.

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Track Name: A Storm Inside The Breeze
there are no days left to seize
and at night i shiver and freeze
while these fires never cease
there’s some kind of storm hiding in the breeze
my keys don’t fit in this hole
i suffer from a weird disease
facing this situation as a whole
crisis of the nineteen-nineties
downfalls have started to increase
there’s no tension to release
becaus no risks’re being taken
while you throw up and you sneeze
no certainty is ever being shaken
they don’t forget to pay their fees
it’s their duty to the state
they lay down and crawl
it makes them feel really at ease
that someone’s handling their fate
‘cause they feel so small
stilness and safety in the car
stillness and safety in the bar
stillness and safety in the war
a wound without a scar
there are no days left to seize
and at night i shiver and freeze
while these fires never cease
there must be a big storm inside the breeze
and the bloodstains on the trees
they frighten birds and citizens
who learned to walk down on their knees
and to avoid criticism
now kids all forget to say “please”
there are no teenagers left to tease
there are no days left so seize
and at night i shiver and freeze
Track Name: The Landlord Prayer
i’m tired of the waving from the shore
i wanna be aboard
my life is just waiting at the door
of the Lord
i asked why i said please
would you sign me a lease ?
a little bit closer to the core
is something I can’t afford
because my faith is weak and my legs are sore
i’m so bored
i asked why i said please
would you sign me a lease ?
Track Name: Room With A View
there’s dust all over my books
ashes all upon my clothes
and as crazy as it looks
i burned after i froze
there’s moisture on my walls
and spikes ‘round my wrist
and while my tower falls
my pain’s inside your fist