Earth Is My Only Homeland (E​.​P​.​)

by The Keys

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Lots of sweat and few resting breaks were involved on this musical session that was just as musically prepared as it was humanly improvised...

Charlotte heard the songs for the first time the night before recording and Renaud had never played bass before.

All musicians had never met prior to the session and yet here they were rock’n’rolling late at night, with their feet awkwardly sitting on scattered mic cables.

A certain sense of emergency, tension, humor and diet soda got the wheel turning and resulted in astonishing results of unrestrained power.


released December 12, 2007

All songs written,composed and produced by Boris Paillard

Boris Paillard ☆ vocals, electric guitar, harmonica, alto sax
Charlotte Cornfield ☆ drums, backing vocals
Renaud Delebassee ☆ bass, backing vocals
Florian Paichard ☆ backing vocals

Julien Rocchia ☆ recording, mixing, mastering
Nicomix ☆ silk screen designing & printing
Talia Post ☆ drawings & cover design



all rights reserved


The Keys France

Born and raised in several France locations, Boris Paillard a.k.a The Keys has found a new home on stage, winning audiences across Europe and America with raw talent and ample doses of charm.

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Track Name: A Tiger On Your Throne
tears falling on the carpet
flooding all your home
there’s a fire in your trumpet
there’s a tiger on your throne
and i see you moving like a small kite
like a kite caught in a storm
when you wander in the night
trying to find something warm
you burn from devil’s handshake
a kiss still bitter on your tongue
but it’s fine to make a mistake
and it’s alright to be wrong
life doesn’t stop beginning
and it only ends one time
there’s hope in every morning
there’s wealth in every dime
dead bodies in your pockets
and something rotten in your bones
you shouldn’t live with regrets
it’s time to change the blankets
time to plug again the phone
Track Name: In This Circus
in this circus
there’s no place for people like us
there are no windows in this bus and here it’s such a fuss
and my mind is not clear
am i feeling lonely here ?
plenty of people to meet
in the bars in the streets
yes it could be sweet
to eat the same meat
no, when i’m alone i know what i do
and when and why, no troubles to get through
in these circles
there’s no room for people like us
there are no windows in this bus and here it’s such a fuss
and my mind is not clear
am i feeling lonely here ?
Track Name: Long-Distance Walls
all the pictures on the wall but there’s a wall in every picture
there are so few things i recall like shapes, smells or texture
and i want to know it all before fade away the colours
both the nasty threatens and the friendly gestures
it’s a monster that i cannot tame
and a landscape that i cannot frame
it starts again and feels the same
Track Name: You Can Tell Your Friends
i agreed to your request
i got busy to let you rest
i understood your will
i got noisy to keep you still
does your maybe mean no
and your no means yes
well it’s hard to know
because i can’t guess
come on give me some fresh and new
give some new stuff to chew
the taste of my old gum is gone
i need to find another one
you can tell your friends
“never try this”
they won’t listen to you
you can tell your friends
“stop this crisis”
they will do what they wanna do
Track Name: Earth Is My Only Homeland
earth is my only homeland
and it grew mountains in my hand
i looked behind i had in mind
something and it wasn’t there
i had to know i had to find
it but no one seemed to care
i couldn’t find it in the mall
i couldn’t find on a screen
so i rushed like a cannonball
from the sewer right into a stream
through the bar and through the hall
i heard a lot of ladies’s screams
it’s with the oldest foam
that you make a better cream
earth is my only homeland
and it so little and so grand